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Hiring Your First Employee

October 24, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
WBEC-East Conference Room, Philadelphia

Our panel of experts will review the legal, financial, and administrative requirements for employers, plus best practices for recruitment.

Fee: $10



Is it time to start delegating so you can focus on growing your business? Are you ready to hire someone but unsure of the “back office” changes to your business?

Your first hire, no matter the job description, is a key employee of your business.

WBEC-East has gathered a panel of experts to help you understand the legal, financial, and administrative requirements for employers. We’ll talk independent contractor vs. employee. We’ll talk about employment taxes, insurance, benefits, and best practices for recruiting a key employee.

At this workshop, our legal, tax and HR experts will discuss:

• Your tax responsibilities as an employer
• Recruitment and onboarding best practices
• Legal FAQs for new employers and when to bring in an expert
• Local resources in our area and next steps to help you navigate the process of becoming an employer