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Business Expert Roundtable: Getting Ready for Conference

February 25, 11:30 – 3:30 p.m
Camden, NJ

This interactive workshop will help you better network and create business contacts, no matter the event you have in the future!

Fee: $35

Conferences and events are the jackpot of business opportunity… if you know how to navigate them correctly. Between all of the sessions, receptions, networking events, and committee meetings, you will encounter dozens of opportunities to meet lenders, corporate partners, and other entrepreneurs.

Whether you plan on attending the 2020 WBENC National Conference, Summit and Salute, or any other industry conference, we’ll help you put your best foot forward.

You’ll walk away with a new appreciation of how to:

· Approach a corporate professional and make a business connection
· Prepare and distribute a capability statement to show off your business
· Target your networking by making a conference plan in advance
· Leave a lasting positive impression when meeting new contacts





Part 1: First Impressions Are Everything!
Your preparation for a conference should go well beyond getting pamphlets and marketing collateral packed and looking at schedules of speakers. We will take you through an action plan that will ensure your preparation includes the following:

· Who is your ideal target client or buyer (industry, size, geography) and why?
· What is it about your solution that is unique or can better meet your ideal target’s needs?
· Are you proactively pre-planning time and tactics to meet these targets and start networking conversations?
· Have you prepared and practiced your 30-second elevator pitch?
· What due diligence can you do to optimize your time during these networking conversations?

Part 2: Let’s Practice

We will take some time for you to practice your new skills and elevator pitch with fellow attendees. Make sure to come prepared with plenty of business cards for all the new contacts you’ll make!

Part 3: The Capability Statement
A capability statement is exactly as it sounds- a statement summarizing your company and the expertise you can bring. A strong capability statement serves as a marketing tool for yourself when onsite at a conference or event, and will be key to creating lasting impressions. Our speakers will show you how to create a document tailored for your audience to really show off who you are and what you can do.

Part 4: The Corporate Perspective
Approaching a potential corporate partner can be one of the most daunting tasks you’ll undertake in your networking journey. How should you start the conversation as a new entrepreneur? What are they really thinking when talking to you? What do they wish you would share? Our corporate panelists will answer these questions and more, to help put you at ease and in the driver’s seat during these important conversations.