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Women 2 Women Webinar: Data & Analytics

April 22, 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Online Webinar

In this live, interactive webinar we'll talk about how to use data to make smarter business decisions.

No Fee

Our new series of webinars connects women experts with women business owners. Topics will focus on the things that matter most to you as an entrepreneur.

About this webinar:

Your company's data is tremendously valuable. Almost every company has data (if you have a Facebook page for example, you've got data!). But, most organizations aren't sure how to turn these data into actionable insights. How are my social media accounts doing? What types of posts get more attention? All of these questions can be answered with confidence using your company's data.

In this live, interactive Zoom webinar we'll talk about the "low hanging fruit" for business data analytics. We'll also cover at a high level analytics tools and what makes a good data visualization. And of course, we'll leave time for questions!


Barbara Donnini is a data analytics expert with a Bachelor's in Applied Statistics and a demonstrated history of working in the industry. She previously held a position as a Business Analyst at an insurance company where she primarily served the needs of the organization’s marketing department. She also worked for a statistician analyzing a variety of corporate, government, and nonprofit datasets. Barbara is currently the President of Boxplot Analytics, a Certified Women-Owned business that helps companies make smarter, data-driven decisions. She also teaches for General Assembly, and is an expert in Excel, Tableau, Qlik, Python, R, JavaScript, and SQL. Outside of work, Barbara enjoys being outdoors and is on the leadership team of Code for Philly.


You'll learn:

  • High-level overview of how to collect and use data, most notably the low-hanging fruit of web/social media data.
  • What makes good data visualizations and a brief review of the tools used to analyze data.
  • and more!