You Matter

Against a backdrop of injustice and growing unrest across the country, WBEC-East condemns the senseless killings and acts of violence repeatedly perpetrated against Black individuals. We stand in solidarity with those calling for justice, action, and real change.


As a leader in diversity and equity, WBEC-East will continue to promote an inclusive and positive environment for all. We encourage you to stay engaged, be informed, and to speak out against racism, inequality and discrimination.

We cannot fight for women-owned businesses if we do not also fight for the empowerment of black-owned businesses. We encourage you to learn more about the Eastern Minority Supplier Development CouncilAfrican American Chamber of Commerce, and the African American Chamber of Commerce of Western PA , each of which promote economic empowerment for minority-owned businesses in our region.


The reality is we, like many of you, are learning how to get to the there that is needed from the here where we are. We believe the start is acknowledging and owning that racism is real, racism is rampant, and racism cannot be tolerated. The ethos of WBEC-East and WBENC is to Act Intentionally. Every decision. Every day. Now is the time to be intentional and brave in an expanded and amplified way.


We need to have constructive and real conversations on how to unite, how to bring meaningful and necessary change. So much feels overwhelming right now. Break it down into doable steps. Every decision. Every day. Listen. Learn. Stand up. Talk. Act with intention.


We need to right the historical wrongs.


It is well past the time to address societal inequity and inequality, but let us make this the time that we do. Every decision. Every day.


Standing in solidarity,