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Starting a Business at 50 - What’s Stopping You?

It’s a new day! Let’s shake ourselves up– if just a little bit. Let’s challenge the beliefs that hold us back from living the life we truly desire. There are times when we make up stories that keep us stuck in an old belief system–  a system that may have been handed down to us. It’s not our story, but we have accepted it as our own.

Do you doubt yourself? Where did these doubts and beliefs come from? What would it take to change your internal narrative? Because, in the final analysis, what really matters is how you see yourself. 

In full transparency, working on your internal narrative may be a lifelong journey. Just when you think you have it handled, boom, you find yourself dealing with some residual thought patterns. A personal, internal narrative that I have worked to change is, “No one is going to hire a woman over 50! OUCH! 

As an independent career development coach and trainer, I knock on many doors, so to speak. In fact, one day, as I was preparing for an interview with a training firm, I could hear my internal voice saying, “Why bother? You know you’re too old. These companies are looking for younger professionals.” Just then, my telephone rang. It was my brother on the other end of the line. I told him what I was feeling. His response was, “You bring the experience. Focus on that.” HIs advice helped me create a new internal dialogue. A few hours later I walked into the meeting with a confident sense of self-awareness. I knew what I was bringing to the organization. I landed the contract, and became the organization’s most sought after training consultant for the next five years! I have carried my brother’s words of wisdom on my journey as a solopreneur. His advice helped me to change my internal narrative, and I want to help you change yours – that is if you need some inspiration.

Starting your own business at 50 may be a radical step closer to the life you envision. A phone call from a loved one may not be the elixir you need to dump your self doubt. Here’s my advice:

Let your new idea for your business, product or service become your focus. You’re just about to grab hold of the next rung of your ladder, but be careful; your stories will be distractions. Your stories will grab hold of your attention. The stories are usually riddled with fears and doubts. Think of these fears and doubts as gremlins. These gremlins are blips appearing on the screens of your mind. They will take you off of your chartered course if you’re not careful. The gremlin’s only job is to redirect and distract your attention. To make you think of all the reasons for not pursuing your dream of starting your own business. 

We all have those thoughts that stop us in our tracks and the thoughts that prevent us from moving forward (if we’re not careful). Fears and doubts can get a vice-like grip on your mind and almost paralyze you, stopping you on your path to starting the business you have been dreaming about. You may need to get the necessary professional support, coaching, and counseling to help you release the grip, but you have the power to release it, and create a new narrative. 

Starting your business at 50? The question is not what’s stopping you, but who’s stopping you? I respond with a resounding: No one! 

Now go, take care of business!

Alvina Peat

Founder and Creator of

A community for female solopreneurs.


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