WBEC-East EncorePreneur Lab
Launching September 2023

Are you taking the plunge into entrepreneurship after leaving the workforce? It can be tough to pivot from being an employee to a boss. We invite you to be a part of our first ever WBEC-East EncorePreneur Lab, designed for those making the transition from employee to entrepreneur. 

What is it? 

  • Online Community: The Lab’s private networking platform is your go-to place to share challenges, access resources, ask for feedback, and connect with both mentors and entrepreneur peers. 
  • Small Group Lab Sessions: Join in a cohort of entrepreneurs at the same stage as you for virtual learning and sharing. Sessions starting winter 2023! 

Who is it for? 

New entrepreneurs ready to make their career encore in the following stages: 

  • Start-Up Phase: You’re preparing to launch or have launched in the last 1-2 years but are still setting up shop. 
  • Scale-Up Phase: You’ve been in business and are established, but need support growing into your potential. 

What will I focus on? 

  • Learn By Doing. Our “Lab space” is all about experimenting to move your business forward. Whether you’ve been hesitant to go try out a new sales technique, explore a new client market, or evolve your operations, you’ll get support to get past your “analysis paralysis” and give it a shot! 
  • Do It Together. We succeed when we work together! Find your “village” and explore partnerships to share costs, exchange skillsets, barter among one another for services, or most importantly, cheer each other on. 
  • Ditch the Beta Mindset. You do not need to be perfect to launch! Learn to embrace “good enough” as an attitude to connect with customers, test your services, and achieve success by being responsive.

Ready to Get Started? 

The WBEC-East EncorePreneur Online Lab is ready for you! 

After you’ve submitted your request to join, the facilitators will welcome you to the group, powered by the Mighty Networks software. 

You’ll be welcomed with themed daily posts for inspiration, can join the “Start-Up” or “Scale-Up” support group, and will be able to participate in discussions, polls, and use the social platform in any way you need to support your journey. 

Don’t forget to download the app for easy on-the-go support! 

Stay Tuned… 

Small group Lab sessions are coming later this year, but first we want to hear from you! Session topics will be based on conversations that are hot in the online Lab. Respond to polls and discussions so we can shape the sessions around what you need most. 

All online Lab participants will receive invitations to the small group Lab sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than a Facebook or LinkedIn Group? 

It can be scary to share your ideas and business details in places that are public and unmoderated. In the Lab, you can rest assured that the discussions are all private and the participants are all vetted. You’ll be surrounded by a small group of empathetic peers on the same journey as you and supported by the staff and resources of WBEC-East’s reputable women’s business center. 

How is this different than the FastTrac class or other workshops? 

The Lab is not a class or workshop, it is an ongoing support network for sharing, asking questions, and inspiring each other. Current or previous students of the 10-week FastTrac business launch class are encouraged to participate!   

Additional questions? Email Michele Martin at

WBEC-East EncorePreneur Lab is made possible through grant funding from the CLA Foundation.

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