Elizabeth Walsh

President ▫ (215) 936-9392 ▫ ewalsh@wbeceast.com

Liz believes that if you don’t look forward to coming to your job, you’re in the wrong job. For Liz, that’s never been a problem throughout her more than 20-year-career as a leader focused on workforce and economic development. She’s turned failing organizations into award-winners, exceeded expected performance outcomes, innovated in project planning, grant writing, and fiscal grant management – and in the process, helped make a positive impact on countless lives. These days, she heads into the office motivated by the opportunity to promote business ownership by women, and she’s continually inspired by the commitment of the WBEC’s staff, board, and volunteers. Liz leads with empathy, kindness, and a great sense of humor. She claims to be bad at singing and cooking, but at home you might find her enthusiastically doing both (perhaps even at the same time). And if you stop by the office for a visit, you’ll likely meet Liz’s rescue dogs, Bindi and Tucker, who are proud to co-serve as Chief Fun Officers. (Just don’t tell Tucker he’s missing a leg; Liz never told him!)

Jamie Anewalt

Development Coordinator ▫ (412) 935-2545 ▫ janewalt@wbeceast.com

Prior to joining us, Jamie enjoyed a nearly 20-year career in the pharmaceutical industry promoting medicines that help people live healthier and longer lives. We couldn’t be happier that she’s decided to channel her enthusiasm for making a positive difference into her work with us. We are continually impressed by Jamie’s kind, giving nature, her desire to serve others, and how hard she works on behalf of the women business owners we serve. It’s clear that she’s inspired by the cause of promoting supplier diversity and dedicated to helping women succeed. Off the job, she’s something of a homebody, spending her time with family, friends, and her beloved chocolate lab, Gunnar.

Fatima Ayers

Certification Specialist ▫ (215) 790-5058 ▫ fayers@wbeceast.com

Fatima describes herself as a “disciplined person who is focused getting the job done, the right way”. A budding entrepreneur and mother of an amazing 9 year old, Fatima is motivated to work with WBEC-East to see firsthand the impact our organization has on guiding women owned business to pursue opportunities. She is particularly interested in contributing her originality & creativity towards helping develop new opportunities for working mothers. A former American Idol aspirant, in her downtime you can find her spending time with her son and listening to music on long car rides, driving towards the nearest nature preserve.

Joyce Cadesca

Women’s Business Center Director ▫ (215) 305-8695 ▫ jcadesca@wbeceast.com

Joyce is a steadfast equity advocate with a passion for leveling the playing field for women and minorities. As our Women’s Business Center Director, she is responsible for leading a team that focuses on the planning, development, execution, and quality assurance of all business training programs. We appreciate her calm demeanor and her values in building genuine, trust-based relationships. Joyce comes to us with an outstanding educational background having received a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and a master’s degree (MBA) from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. In her free time, she is either volunteering as a career coach and mentor to Black and Hispanic young professionals -- or spending time with her son – usually at a local park (theme park, trampoline park, state park… you get the picture)! Additionally, Joyce enjoys quiet activities/excursions such as trips to the botanical gardens, museum visits, live jazz venues, and camping/hiking. Contrary to the last statement, Joyce also enjoys contact sports – she was a rugby player in college and voted “Rookie of the Year” during her freshman year!

Steve Damweber

Outreach & Engagement Manager ▫ (215) 790-5059 ▫ sdamweber@wbeceast.com

We have our very own He’s for Shes on staff at WBEC-East! Steve joined our team during the pandemic and comes to us from the workforce development field with a degree in Hospitality Management from Penn State University. Steve brings a unique and creative perspective to our outreach efforts and has increased our social media followers in his first few months! He doesn’t know how to say “no” which is appreciated by all of our Partners who want us to share their events and resources on our website. Steve grew up in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania and – get this – he’s a Dallas Cowboys fan! (No… we didn’t know that before he was hired but we love him anyway!) In his free time, Steve enjoys watching football, collecting sports memorabilia, golfing, and fishing. He and his wife, Stephanie, live in New Jersey with their two cats, one who is appropriately named “Little Steve.”

Ashana DeSilva

Program Coordinator ▫ (215) 790-5014 ▫ adesilva@wbeceast.com

Ashana believes there is only one way to get through life, by dancing through it. Spending most of her free time teaching hip-hop dance, Ashana frequently works with her old dance group at the University of Delaware and teaching at studios. She takes that passion from the studio floor to her role of certification coordinator, where she works primarily with our volunteers to schedule site visits. At the office, you will frequently see Ashana on the phone talking to WBEs or making some spreadsheets (and by that we mean many many spreadsheets). While she is out being a road warrior and visiting countless WBEs, she enjoys learning about the different women owned businesses and engaging with the inspirational women that run them.

Emily Glick

Certification Coordinator ▫ (267)-609-5153 ▫ eglick@wbeceast.com

We welcome Emily Glick, our newest addition to the team! Emily joins WBEC-East from the world of hunger relief and food insecurity. Emily is a natural problem solver who finds the greatest satisfaction in untangling necklaces and is curious by nature. This curiosity will serve her well as a Certification Coordinator and diving into the WBE paperwork. When not at work, Emily spends time with her partner, two dogs, reading, cooking, and –most importantly--eating. She has a rather impressive cookbook collection and is constantly thinking about her next 2-6 meals.

Catherine Heckman, CPA, CGMA

Outsourced CFO ▫ (215)-371-3272 ▫ catherine.heckman@CLAconnect.com

Catherine Heckman is a member of CLA’s BizOps Outsourcing Team specializing in serving nonprofit clients. Prior to joining CLA, Catherine was the Controller for a regional multi-site nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in the Philadelphia area, and served as Finance Director and Controller for several educational nonprofit organizations ranging from startup elementary schools to higher education institutions. Catherine currently works with a wide variety of non-profit clients.

Meaghan Kelly

Certification Coordinator ▫ (215) 790-9234 ▫ mkelly@wbeceast.com

It’s been said that someone’s pets can tell you lot about them. So, let’s look at Meaghan’s two beloved felines, which are of the Devon Rex variety – a breed known to be highly intelligent and very people-oriented. Bingo! They are, however, also fond of sleeping on very high shelves, a habit we believe is foreign to Meaghan. At the office, you’ll often find Meaghan reviewing files with the volunteers she coordinates for the Certification Committee. Meaghan loves files – especially complex ones. (Go figure. Maybe it’s because she’s a trained paralegal.) At home, Meaghan likes to hang out with her cats. There may be knitting or crafting involved – by Meaghan, not the cats. Although, come to think of it, the Devon Rex is a very special animal...

Sara Kristman, CPA, CGMA

Outsourced Controller ▫ (484)-533-6209 ▫ sara.kristman@CLAconnect.com

Sara Kristman is a member of CLA’s BizOps Outsourcing Team and specializes in providing accounting assistance for small to mid-size businesses in multiple industries. She has 16 years of experience in both public and industry accounting working with entrepreneurs, executive teams, investors, financial committees, board of directors, and third-party stakeholders. Sara quickly adapts to challenges, and promptly and efficiently resolves financial and managerial issues. Currently she works with mid-market and non-profits clients. Her experience ranges many industries including non-profit, home health care, consumer products, vegetation management, and construction.

Elizabeth Krumrine

Certification Coordinator ▫ (215) 790-5070 ▫ ekrumrine@wbeceast.com

Our “Liz K” is a passionate nurturer. On the job, she’s focused on encouraging, equipping, and empowering women business owners for success, which we see her do tirelessly every day. In the process, she demonstrates unwavering commitment to the WBEC mission and a passion for teamwork. At home, she directs her energies toward raising her two young children. (We are fortunate she has the fortitude to do both!) One thing Liz K is decidedly not passionate about is talking about herself; but the success of the WBEs with whom she’s worked – and, no doubt, the futures of her wonderful kids – will speak very loudly on her behalf.

Colleen LaCoss

Certification Manager ▫ (215) 305-8780 ▫ clacoss@wbeceast.com

Colleen absolutely loved being a Girl Scout. Later, as she embarked on her professional career, she went to work for the organization. So, her current position with us seems like a natural progression: “I love working in a place where women are empowered to change the world,” she says. And we’re glad she’s here to help us do that. She’s a jack-of-all-trades – pitching in on everything from certification to strategy. She takes pride in being a great multitasker, which comes in very handy not only here, but also in her off-hours, when she coaches a marching band, homebrews beer, and plays five musical instruments (probably not simultaneously, but... maybe?).

Yana Massey

Certification Coordinator ▫ (267) 609-5152 ▫ ymassey@wbeceast.com

Joining us from Minnesota, Yana is an energetic and positive ENFP (a Myers-Briggs personality classification). If you get lucky one day and meet her, you might be able to catch her Minnesota accent slip out here and there. Recently moved to Pennsylvania, Yana has an MA in International Development and a fondness for complex file review. Yana sincerely loves paperwork, to the point that she is currently working towards a paralegal certificate in order to support her work with WBENC certification. Besides organizing paper with meticulous accuracy, in her spare time Yana enjoys travelling, coordinating themed parties, hanging out with her corgi and her bouncy baby… not in that particular order of course!

Melanie McLeod

Consultant & Training Instructor ▫ (610)-721-3685 ▫ melaniemcleod10@gmail.com

Melanie McLeod, CEC, PCC is the President and Founder of Coach You Solutions. She is a certified business and life coach. She has owned several businesses over the years and has rebranded as Coach You Solutions. She works with individuals and businesses to help them determine life and business goals, create a plan, and accomplish their goals. Melanie has extensive experience in management in corporations and government. She is also an adjunct college professor of business. She has dedicated over 20 years specializing in business strategy coaching for entrepreneurs. She teaches people how to develop a business mindset, navigate the planning process, and develop the financial understanding needed to run a successful business and life. She also helps entrepreneurs understand how to navigate work/life balance.

Stephanie Reid

Office Administrator ▫ (215) 790-9232 ext. 1020 ▫ sreid@wbeceast.com

Stephanie is fond of reminding us that her name means “to be crowned.” And, indeed, we think of her as our Queen of Administration. Unlike most monarchs, Stephanie is extremely accessible – always welcoming, encouraging, and very helpful. Her reign with us began in 2000, which makes her institutional knowledge invaluable; in fact, she’s kept WBEC-East running smoothly and efficiently for so long that we can’t imagine life without her. So, we won’t. Long live Queen Stephanie!

Gabrielle Salvato

Certification Coordinator ▫ (215) 790-9235 ▫ gsalvato@wbeceast.com

We wish Gabby, who started with us as an intern while in high school, wanted to spend her entire career here. But that is not to be. She’s on her way to her bachelor’s degree in nursing. When she moves on, our loss will be the gain of countless patients (who better listen to her, trust us – she’s a no-nonsense Philly woman!). In the meantime, though, we are very glad that we get to work with her. She’s really good, and really smart. She makes a huge contribution to our Certification Committee by handling of a variety of important responsibilities. Even though she’s a millennial, her old-school ethics and work habits remind us that we shouldn’t generalize about an entire generation.

Rebecca Tham

Operations & Human Resources Manager ▫ (215) 790-5017 ▫ rtham@wbeceast.com

When it comes to planning our futures, most of us have five- or ten-year plans. Not Rebecca. She has a 40-year plan. By the time 2043 rolls around, Rebecca wants to be enjoying retirement near a beach in Ghana. We have no doubt she’ll realize that dream, because she consistently turns focus into achievement. She does it all – from strategic planning to operational support – and as a result, she’s contributed to the success of hundreds of WBEs. Somehow, during her tenure with us, she managed to earn degrees in Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Trust us: if she wants that beach, she’ll get that beach!