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2019 Winner

Ajamu Johnson, Comcast NBCUniversal

Nominator Peggy Gionta of Partner's Consulting shared that Ajamu Johnson's support and mentorship has been instrumental to her company's success in developing a stronger client relationship with Comcast NBCUniversal. According to Pegggy, Ajamu is a great mentor who is always willing to answer a question or provide coaching. He is truly “present” and makes himself available, which is a testament to his commitment to increasing diversity within his organization.

Photo Caption: (left to right)

Advocate Award Winner - Ajamu Johnson, Comcast NBCUniversal

Nominator - Peggy Gionta, Partner's Consulting

2018 Winner

Anna Hakobyan, AstraZeneca/MedImmune

Nominator Cynthia Towers of JURISolutions noted that Anna Hakobyan has been a game changer for her both personally and professionally, especially because of her passion, commitment, high standards and unparalleled business acumen. Anna always goes well beyond matching WBEs with current opportunities. According to Cindy, she gets to know the WBEs and when she finds a company she feels she can help, she blazes a trail for them to gain access to opportunities within the organization.

Photo Caption: Advocate Award Winner, Anna Hakobyan, Government Compliance & Supplier Diversity Lead, AstraZeneca/MedImmune

2017 Winner

Loren Hopkins-Taylor, DuPont

“We recognize that when WBEs are introduced into our supply chain, the result is a sustainable, diverse and inclusive supply chain that mirrors our employee base and creates value both for DuPont and our local economy.” - Loren Hopkins-Taylor

Photo Caption: (Pictured left to right) Peggy DelFabbro, M.Davis & Sons, Inc. (Advocate of the Year Nominator); Loren Hopkins-Taylor, DuPont (Advocate of the Year Awardee); and Amy Holland, WBEC Awards Chair, The Day & Zimmerman Group, Inc.

2016 Winner

Manuel A. Diaz, Johnson & Johnson

“I believe that Supplier Diversity is a competitive advantage, enabling corporations to conduct business in wider geographies and to more effectively identify and address customer needs - it is a business imperative for corporations who wish to remain in the forefront of innovation.” - Manny Diaz

Photo Caption: (Left to right) Tabitha Stanislaw, Chair, WBEC PA-DE-sNJ; Manuel A. Diaz, Associate Director, R&D Quality & Compliance Operations, Johnson & Johnson (Advocate of the Year Awardee); Barbara Bosha, President, Bosha Design+Communications (Advocate of the Year Nominator); and Amy Holland, WBEC Awards Chair, Buyer & Supplier Diversity Administrator, The Day & Zimmerman Group, Inc.

2015 Winner

Narciso “Pat” Patterson, Verizon Communications

According to Peggy Del Fabbro, nominator, the relationship between M. Davis & Sons and Verizon has helped her grow as a leader in her company. One of the most important statements that she could make about him is that he does what he says he’s going to do – in her book, that’s everything. Nominator Cindy Towers also said Pat has worked tirelessly to identify key decision makers in the legal space and has arranged for meetings with very influential stakeholders. Throughout their business relationship, Pat has “been extraordinarily proactive as opposed to just reactionary.”

Photo Caption: left to right): Nominator Cynthia Towers, JURISolutions, Inc.; Advocate Award Winner, Narciso “Pat” Patterson, Verizon Communications; and Nominator Peggy Del Fabbro, M. Davis & Sons, Inc.

2014 Winner

L. Jay Burks, Comcast Corporation

According to Fran Friedman Griesing, nominator, L. Jay Burks goes above and beyond the usual steps to identify, encourage, mentor support and promote WBE firms within his company and beyond. He is genuinely eager to support WBEs and his enthusiasm for his role is unique. His energy and efforts to advocate within his own company and to others has made a significant difference. Kathie O'Donnell, nominator, referred to him as "Superman," reflecting both his mild-mannered demeanor as well as his ability to remove obstacles. Superman is a tireless worker. The easiest path to boost his WBE spend numbers would be to limit his efforts to larger WBEs, but L. Jay is the guy who has time for the small fry, says Kathie. Passion is often an overused word, but it is fitting to describe his approach to his job.

Photo Caption: (left to right) Nominator, Fran Friedman Griesing, Partner, Griesing Law, LLC; Advocate Award Winner, L. Jay Burks, Supplier Diversity Manager, Comcast Corporation; Nominator, Kathie O'Donnell, Principal, Corporate Distribution Ltd.

2013 Winner

Deborah Morgan, Johnson & Johnson

“I am honored and blessed to receive the Advocate of the Year award from the Women’s Business Enterprise Council. Working with Bosha Design is a model for collaboration and teamwork.” - Deborah Morgan

Photo Caption (left to right): Nominator, Barbara Bosha, President, Bosha Design, Inc.; Advocate Award Winner, Deborah Morgan, Associate Director, Quality Systems and Strategy, Johnson & Johnson.

2012 Winner

Sue Kozik, Independence Blue Cross

"Always striving to identify the ideal solution, the nominee provides a level playing field for suppliers, offering ample opportunities for WBEs to come to the table to share their ideas, insights and proposals. Forward-thinking in every sense of the word, she recognizes that the IT field still has a long way to go in terms of gender equality, and she is cognizant of the need to get WBEs involved in the conversation." - Peggy Gionta

Photo Caption: (Left to right) Nominator Peggy Gionta, President, Partners Consulting and Advocate Award Winner, Sue Kozik, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Independence Blue Cross

2011 Winner

Dennis Voulopos, Johnson & Johnson

“I am greatly honored to receive the WBEC Advocate Award and I must say quite surprised. To me I have always believed in strong professional relationships to drive outstanding results and to also always give everyone an opportunity because you never know where the next best idea will be coming from. People to me have always been a company’s best asset that is never fully utilized.” - Dennis Voulopos

Photo Caption: (Left to right) Advocate Award Winner, Dennis Voulopos, Manager of Procurement operations, Johnson & Johnson, Lititz Manufacturing facility and nominator Patricia Frances, President, Chaucer Press