What's Happening at WBEC-East

A Certificate is Not a Strategy: 3 Reasons Why the WBE Certificate Doesn't Replace a Strategic Plan

You just got your approval letter- you're now a certified WBE!

Now what's your plan?

So many business owners assume that once they get certified, business will automatically pick up, and that they'll be entitled to more contract opportunities. This line of thinking could harm your business, and here's why...

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The #1 Reason Eligible Women-Owned Applications are Denied

You're sure you meet all of the criteria. You own 80% of the shares, are the CEO, and actively manage and run the business independent of any male-owned resources.

And yet you just got your denial letter. Why?

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Are Husband/Wife Businesses WBENC Eligible?

It's a question we get so very often.

"If my husband works in my business, can I get certified?"

"I'm a 100% women-owned business. How is it fair to allow husband/wife teams to be certified?"

Let's break down the eligiblity criteria to get a true understanding of why some businesses are eligible and why some aren't... and how we keep things unbiased and equitable for women.

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