What's Happening at WBEC-East

Women Who Own It — Paola Versano, President and CEO, BenFab Architectural Metalwork

What is unique about your business – and what inspired you to start it?

BenFab sits in a sweet spot in our industry; most metalworking companies are either significantly larger than we are or much smaller. That position has given us a great competitive advantage, as we can offer our customers the benefits of a much larger firm – with the personal attention you expect from a smaller team.

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Vivian Isaak

In film and television, a “meet cute” is a way to quickly introduce two characters and set up their growing relationship. Within the WBEC-East community, our many “meet cute” encounters may not be immortalized on camera, but they have led to countless partnership possibilities, friendships, growth opportunities, and Connections.

Let’s connect with Vivian Isaak, President, Magnum Group, Inc. about one of her favorite WBENC Connections

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Pressroom — Knichel Logistics Accelerates Recognition of Female Entrepreneurs in the Transportation Industry

Kristy Knichel has worked in the transportation industry for 22 years, and for many of those years, it wasn’t unusual for her to be the only woman in the room. But thanks to Kristy – and other female entrepreneurs like her in the industry – the makeup of that “room” is changing. Kristy believes that a more inclusive industry will be driven by two key commitments: a willingness to spotlight women for their growing industry accomplishments and a collective push toward a more flexible industry culture that appeals to a broader mix of talented people.

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