What's Happening at WBEC-East

Using Your WBE to Register as a Diverse Supplier with the State of PA

Your WBE certificate is accepted by the Commonwealth of PA Department of General Services as a third-party verification for their Small Diverse Business Program. Please note that this is specifically for doing business with the state government of PA. For opportunities with other government agencies such as counties or transportation offices, please visit those offices' diverse supplier programs individually.

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2020 End of the Year Message


As we come to the end of December, where do we start the reflections on the trials and tribulations of 2020? It’s all been so/too much! We have collectively been forced to deal with health, economic, social injustice, and political crises in just a few months.
We will forever be changed by the events that occurred in the year 2020.

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The Importance of Cleaning!


As COVID-19 has swept the nation, keeping schools and most businesses closed indefinitely, many Americans have rediscovered (or discovered for the first time) the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. What used to be commonplace – people keeping themselves and their environments tidy and clean – seemed to have fallen by the wayside in recent times as we rush to get things done faster and cut costs wherever possible. But with the rise of our first pandemic in over 100 years, we have once again had to shift our focus to taking care of ourselves, our environments, and giving cleanliness the time and attention it needs to be effective.

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