In concert with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the mission of the WBEC-East Council is to fuel economic growth regionally by identifying, certifying, and facilitating the development of women-owned businesses.

Committees have been established to advance the mission through the CORE platform as established by WBENC: Certification, Opportunities, Resources, and Engagement.

Our Regions

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • State of Delaware
  • Southern New Jersey Counties:  Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean, and Salem.

Committee Eligibility

Committee members are either certified WBEs (Women's Business Enterprise) or members of our Council of corporate and government professionals.

Learn more about becoming a Certified WBE

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Awards Committee

Responsible for reviewing and establishing the awards categories, criteria and award winner selection committee.

Chair: Amy Holland, The Day & Zimmermann Group

Vice Chair: Peggy Del Fabbro, M Davis & Sons, Inc.

Mission:  The Awards & Recognition Committee encourages the Engagement of WBEs and Council Members by honoring organizations and individuals who help reduce barriers for women owned businesses and fuel local and regional economic growth.  The Awards & Recognition Committee establishes recognition categories and criteria, reviews nominations, and selects the winners.

The Team of Judges is appointed by the President of WBEC and the Chair of the Awards & Recognition Committee and consists of WBEC-EAST Board Members, Awards & Recognition Committee Members, and appropriate Council and WBE appointments.  The Team of Judges is appointed on an ad-hoc basis and serve during the appointed calendar year only.

Meeting Schedule:  The Awards & Recognition Committee generally meets the second Tuesday of each month at 1 PM.  Members are able to participate in person at the WBEC office in downtown Philadelphia or by conference call.  The Team of Judges meets to review nominations and score applications monthly between June-August on an annual basis.

Committee Membership:  The Awards & Recognition Committee maintains membership of between eight and fifteen members.  Members are asked to serve a minimum term of two years.


Awards include:

Advocate of the Year This honor is awarded to an employee of a Council Member company in good standing who has done the most to promote business opportunities for WBEs. This individual has provided exceptional support to women business enterprises and demonstrated leadership in the promotion and utilization of WBEs.
Done Deals Corporate Done Deals Award will be given to recognize the WBEC national and regional council member having the highest spend with the highest number of WBE firms over the last 12-month fiscal year reporting cycle with WBEs that have been certified by our Council.The Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Done Deals Award recognizes the WBE with the highest spend over the last 12-month reporting cycle with highest number of WBEs that have been certified by our Council.
Partner of the Year This honor is awarded to one WBEC Council Member that has been instrumental in the Council’s successful achievement of its annual goals.
Shining Star The Shining Star Award acknowledges woman business owners, individuals, companies, or government entities who have been instrumental in the successful development of WBEC-EAST, and whose voluntary support of and commitment to supplier development initiatives have enhanced business opportunities for certified WBEs.
WBE Leadership This honor is awarded to a WBE that is certified by and actively participates in WBEC-EAST, and whose leadership, mentoring, business acumen, and community service have contributed significantly to the growth and development of WBENC-certified WBEs in her community.



Appeals Committee

Responsible for reviewing appeals at a local level.

Chair:Ann Kraemer, UPS

Vice Chair: Cindy Towers, JURISolutions Inc

Mission:  The Appeals Committee ensures compliance with WBENC-Certified standards and procedures.  The Appeals Committee is responsible for reviewing any Certification appeals within the WBEC-EAST region.

Meeting Schedule:  The Appeals Committee meets on an as-needed basis.

Committee Membership:  The Appeals Committee maintains a minimum of five members.  Members are asked to serve a minimum term of two years.



Certification Committee

Responsible for rendering a recommendation of certification or denial to the President of WBDC.

Chair: Kari Donovan, Precis Commissioning, Inc.

Vice Chair: Clarissa Todd

Mission: WBENC is the largest certifier of women-owned business in the United States; WBEC-EAST administers the WBENC-Certified Certification process.  The Certification Committee validates that the business applying for WBENC-certification is 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman or women.  The Certification Committee is responsible for rendering a recommendation of certification or denial to the WBEC-EAST President.  Members serve as File Reviewers, Site Visitors, or both.

Meeting Schedule:  The Certification Committee generally meets to review files the first and third Friday of each month.  Committee Members who serve as File Reviewers are asked to participate in a minimum of six of the Certification Committee meetings on an annual basis.

Committee Membership:  The Certification Committee is comprised of a minimum of 25 members, which includes Committee Members who serve in the capacity of Site Visitor and/or File Reviewer. Members are asked to serve a minimum term of two years.  Membership is recommended by the WBEC President and will consist of individuals from Council organizations, WBEs, and related partner organizations with appropriate training and expertise.



Conference Committee

Chair: George Ehrgott, CTDI

Vice Chair: Carol Philp, CTI Creative

Mission: The Conference Committee ensures WBEs and Council Members take advantage of the Opportunities offered through WBENC’s Summit & Salute and National Conference and Business Fair and facilitates on-site networking.

Meeting Schedule:  The Conference Committee meets once per month, generally from January through May.

Committee Membership:  The Conference Committee maintains membership of between five and eight members.  Members are asked to serve a minimum term of two years.  Membership is recommended by the WBEC President and will consist of individuals from Council organizations, WBEs and appropriate designees.



Envoy Committee

The Envoy Committee is comprised of appointed WBENC certified women business enterprises. The Envoy Committee's role is to be WBEC ambassadors and help WBENC certified women business enterprises learn how to leverage the organization and their certification.

Chair: Jayshree Moorthy, Frontier Technologies

Vice Chair: Barbara Bosha, Bosha Design+Communications

Mission:  The Envoy Committee enhances the value of membership by increasing member engagement. Envoys build connections for WBEs and helps them leverage their certification, connect with corporations, and learn from each other.

Envoy Member Criteria

  • An Envoy must be WBENC-Certified by WBEC-East.

  • An Envoy must be an owner of her company and be in a senior leadership position.

  • An Envoy’s company must have been WBENC-Certified for at least 3 years.

Envoy Member Expectations

  • Envoys are expected to personally participate in a minimum of 3 WBEC-East core events.

  • Envoys will be appointed to serve a 1-year term. There are no term limits. Envoys may reapply for a new term provided they meet the minimum participation requirements and Envoy Member expectations during their previous term.  New applicants will also have a personal interview.

  • Envoys must understand and be supportive of the mission and goals of WBEC-East and WBENC.

  • Envoys will participate in training to learn all the components and offerings of WBEC and WBENC including WBENCLink.

  • Envoys will participate when necessary in conference calls which will provide a recap of previous events and an overview for an upcoming event, WBEC and WBENC events.

  • Envoys will assist in recruiting qualified WBE’s for the Envoy Program.

Role of Envoy

Envoys serve as a “Pipeline” for WBEC-East as opportunities come up for speaking roles, facilitation of additional tasks and general support of WBEC-East.


  • WBE sponsorship opportunities – explaining the importance and value.

  • WBEC-East and WBENC award opportunities and recommendation WBE Leadership Award nominees.

  • Recruit – WBE’s and Corporations.

  • Mentor potential and new WBENC- certified WBEs– explaining the process, benefits and value of being a WBENC Certified WBE member.

  • Programs – describe the value and drive attendance to WBEC-East and WBENC events.


  • Envoys assist the Council in informing the WBEs about upcoming regional and national events and benefits as well as listening to their input and relaying it to the Regional Forum Chair.


  • Envoys may be requested to assist in making recommendations for speakers, awards, and other activities in line with the mission of WBEC-East.


  • Envoys will facilitate a specific networking exercise at your assigned table during each Meet & Greet event. The goal is to have WBENC certified WBE attendees learn from each other and help each other gain access to potential opportunities.

Meeting Schedule:  Envoy Training is held once per calendar year. Envoys are required to serve in the ambassadorship role at a minimum of 50% of regularly scheduled Program events.

Committee Membership:  Envoys are recommended by the WBEC President from WBENC-certified WBE organizations and must be the owner or in a senior leadership position.  The Envoy’s company must have been WBENC-certified for a minimum of three years.  There is a specific and detailed application process for appointment to the Envoy Committee.



Program Committee

Responsible for overseeing and creating WBEC programs and events to reach our goals.

Chair: Vivian Isaak, Magnum Group, Inc

Vice Chair: Heather McCreary, Henkels & McCoy Group

  • NextGen Initiative
  • Chair: Marian Nielson, Abator
  • Women of Color Initiative
  • Chair: Vernice Lewis, PECO Energy

Mission: The Programs Committee creates Opportunities and provides Resources to the WBEs and Council Members by developing relevant programs and ensuring all constituent groups are effectively served.

The Women of Color and Next Gen Teams create Opportunities in line with WBENC strategies to address the unique programming needs of different WBEs.

Meeting Schedule:  The Programs Committee generally meets the third Wednesday of each month.

Committee Membership:  The Programs Committee maintains membership of between eight and fifteen members.  Members are asked to serve a minimum term of two years.  Membership is recommended by the WBEC President and will consist of individuals from Council organizations, WBEs and appropriate designees.



WBEs serving on the WBENC National Forum  

Julie Copeland, Arbill; Karen Primak, iPAK, Inc.; Peggy Del Fabbro, M Davis & Sons, Inc.; Cindy Towers, JuriSolutions, Inc.; Michelle McHenryLaser Lab, Inc.; Judy Zimmermann, Artcraft & Foremost, Inc.; Mary Fox Donnelly, Encompass Elements; Maureen O'Connor, LEM Products, Inc. , Vivian R. Isaak, Magnum Group, Inc., Carol PhilpCPI Creative, Inc.; Lisa Frederick, Unity Printing Co., Inc.; Jayshree Moorthy, Frontier Technologies, Inc .; and Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott, Commonwealth Capital Corp.